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Currently fishing in DAYZ STANDELONE presented in two ways. And I will tell you about each of them in detail.
And we will begin the exciting way of fishing rod. To do this we need to:

1) Stick of ash (ash stick you can find, or to get. In order to get it - have to cut this tree with an axe (any)
Ash grows lonely, it is not necessary to search in the forest, only in the fields or on the edges. As seen in many cities, for example the alley in front of the spire in Novodmitrovskaya)

2) Rope (found mainly in garages and homes)
3) Hook (all over the map in buildings even in the military)
4) Bait (dug in the fields or fields with hoes or shovels)
5) Knife or machete (everywhere)
6) Shovel or hoe (mostly residential houses and sheds)

And so we all find what we need.
And proceed to action:

1. Make a fishing rod. To do this, open the inventory, drag the rope on ash stick and select "Craft Improvised Fishing Rod from Rope and Ashwood stick" (2nd option from the top)
P.S. the size of the rods 5*1 vertically.

2. Nakopitel worms (guide below)

4. Drag the hook to the worm and scawtite bait (optional Craft fishing bait)

5. Drag the bait on your fishing rod

6. Grab a fishing rod in hand

7. Come to the water switch in the first person and select Start fishing (fish this way caught only in fresh water)
P.S. do not move. But to rotate the head.

8. Click "Check the bait" every 10 - 20 seconds before the inscription "There is some movement near the bait" (float moves), continue to press "Check the bait" with an interval of 5 seconds until you see the text "Something is cautiously examining the bait" (something is studying bait) continue to press "Check the bait" with an interval of 5 seconds until you see the text "Something has just bit the bait!" (something took the bait), then pull the fish "Pull out" .Also, fishing may fail, and instead of fish you can catch other things (rubber boots, for example). Or just lose the bait.

9. Drag a knife or machete to fish, and select "Prepare fish", and you get a fish fillet.
P.S. the better the quality of the knife the more the interest will be from the fillet.

10. You have to build a fire, fried fish fillets, and can eat it.

Prey to worms:
1. Locate and grab: the shovel or hoe
2. Will be released in an open field.
3. Hover over the ground and select: Dig up worms
4. The inscription I dig up a bunch of worms. means that the worm dug. Over time you can dig 2-4 worm.
P.S. There are not worth it, you will get poisoned.

The second method of catching fish much easier and requires less time-consuming. For him we will need:
1) Plastic bottle (is everywhere)
2) Knife or machete (is everywhere)
3) Bait (dug in the fields or fields with hoes or shovels)

Once you find all you need to do the following:

1. Using a knife to their plastic bottles make a fish trap.

2. Put our worms in a bottle

3. Go to the coast and go into the water about knee-deep

4. Take the trap in hand, and guided into the water and then "Set the fish trap"

5. Wait about 5 minutes, you can not walk a lot in the district...

6. After 5 minutes instead of the bait we find sardines

7. Undressed them with a knife and cook on a fire.

Here are all the ways to catch fish in DAYZ STANDELONE at the moment.

Bon appetit. Don't kill caps.
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