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Craft a Stone Knife
Date: Воскресенье, 18.09.2016, 02:29 | Message # 1
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Knifes in DayZ Standalone are incredibly useful. They can be used to kill, skin and gut animals and players. They can be used to open cans, make improvised arrows, and now even commit suicide. It’s good then, that now you can literally craft an improvised knife in DayZ Standalone from absolutely nothing. All you need is some rocks, which you can scavenge from almost anywhere on the map by finding some rocky textures on the ground.

So all you need to do, is approach rocky textures, like the texture found below:

Rocky Texture where you can find ‘Small Stones’

With nothing in your hand, simply look at the ground a ‘search for stones’. once you have a ‘Small Stone’, place the stone in your hand and look at the ground again. You will now get the option to ‘craft stone knife’. This can take many attemnpts before you succeed, but eventually you will get a stone knife in your inventory. There are currently no failure messages so just keep trying until you receive the improvised stone knife.

And that’s it! Check out our more detailed hunting and cooking guide to get an idea of what you can do with your new improvised stone knife!
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